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6G Network Will Be 100 times faster than 5G – To Arrive In 2030

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China Mobile just published the “Technical White Paper on 6G Network Architecture.” A “three-body, four-layer, and five-sided” 6G overall architecture design is suggested in the technical paper. The 6G network architectural design is also being released in its entirety for the first time in the industry. Currently, 5G has been available commercially in China for at least three years. More than 400 million people currently use 5G mobile phones. 6G is anticipated to go on sale around 2030, in accordance with the rule that mobile communication technology must be updated roughly every ten years.

In its “6G Network Architecture Technology White Paper,” China Mobile describes a cross-domain, cross-layer, and multi-dimensional 6G network architecture from the angles of three different views: the spatial view, the layered view, and the functional view.

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6G network – a new era of high internet speeds

For the execution of the architecture, there is a suggestions for the twin design, system design, and networking design. Based on the general architectural design, this. 2019 saw the release of the first 6G white paper in the world, “KeyDrivers and Research Challenges of Ubiquitous 6G Wireless Intelligence.” The majority of 6G’s performance parameters will improve by 10 to 100 times. In the 6G era, 10 HD videos of the same sort will be able to be downloaded in a single second.

The IMT-2030 (6G) promotion group also published the “6G Overall Vision and Potential Key Technologies White Paper” in June of last year. This study demonstrates that 6G offers more on the basis of 5G’s high speed, wide connectivity, low latency, and high dependability. It is the most recent trend in intelligence, globalization, and other areas.

The most recent data indicates that there are 967 million China Mobile customers overall. The carrier’s net growth for this month is 202,000, and for the entire year, it is 9.706 million. The total number of 5G package subscribers is presently at 495 million.

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